Veterans Day, Barre, VT

Montpelier’s Veteran’s Day parade was canceled due to COVID, so Barre, VT, a few miles away, carried the flags.  

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MHS Boys Soccer in the Playoffs

I photographed a couple Montpelier High School soccer games during the end-of-the-season playoffs. They made it to the finals, but lost to Milton High School.

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Montreal Again

Montreal is always interesting, and especially when you haven’t been able to go for more than a year. It took us three COVID tests to get there back in mid-October (one before arriving at the border, one after crossing into Canada, and one when we got back).

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Montpelier Halloween

You have to admit, for a tiny town, Montpelier, VT, (pop. just over 7,000) knows how to do Halloween. From the the Vermont Dance Alliance zombie takeover of State Street to neighborhood trick-or-treating, the one-mile Trick or Trot Run, the school superintendent on the dunk machine, and other frolics on the State House lawn, it’s a heck of a party. Even if it rains the […]

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Tacoma to Tacoma

Back in June, my brother, Joe, and I drove a 2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup from Pennsylvania to Oregon to deliver it to my son, in Portland. So, it wasn’t quite a Tacoma to Tacoma trip because we didn’t actually get to Tacoma, Washington, but we were within a few miles on our swing up through Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. It was truck camping about as basically […]

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10 Years Ago: Irene

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Bird Banding at the North Branch Nature Center

Over the summer, staff at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, VT, have been meeting just after dawn every week or so to band birds. The idea, says NBNC executive director Chip Darmstadt, is to monitor the local bird population in terms of survival and reproduction rates. That information is then combined with statistics from banding spots around the country to provide an overall […]

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Across the Winooski: the Cross Vermont Trail Bridge

Workers from CCS Constructors in Morrisville, VT, bridged the Winooski River Friday with the latest link in the Cross Vermont Trail. The steel bridge was fabricated in Minnesota, trucked in sections to the banks of the Winooski above the Levesque hydro dam in East Montpelier, assembled and then brought across the river, like a giant erector set in action. A crane on the hydro site […]

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The Return of Amtrak

Amtrak is back. At least in Vermont. The first post-COVID (?) passenger train rolled through Montpelier Junction Monday morning, heading for Washington, DC, and was greeted by hundreds of rail enthusiasts. Passengers with reservations and $1 tickets for short hops in the state boarded and disembarked from earlier stops. And there was music, free creemees, and a dose of railroad history. Top: Tim Donovan and […]

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Middle Saranac Lake, ADK

The Adirondacks are close to home, but we don’t get there as often as we should. Thanks to Dave Jones’s persistence and planning, I did get to spend a couple nights on Middle Saranac Lake, including a climb up Ampersand Mountain, a couple weeks ago. Big skies there, even if it’s nowhere near Montana. That’s Dave, kicking back in the last photo. Click here for […]

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