Return of the Blueberry Hill Pig Race

The Blueberry Hill Pig Race, a crazy Vermont rite of spring in the 1970s, is back. The climate may seem different, but the spirit lives on, even if it required some running mixed in with the skiing. Started by Tony Clark at Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen in 1972 when skiers were on wooden skis and in knickers or blue jeans, it was always more of a party than a race. It came back to life on a warm Saturday, March 16, resuscitated by Shari Brown, Britta Clark and the Blueberry Hill Outdoor Center’s many friends and boosters. Snow, mud, pork, pizza, beer, klister, lemonade, friends, cabin fever, community.
The black and white is from the first Pig Race in 1972, which I photographed as a new reporter at The Rutland Herald.
Click here for a gallery of this year’s race.
Click here for some of the history and a video of one of the earliest Pig Races.

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