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The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters, a series of chalky bluffs along the Sussex coast, is known as one of the best seaside strolls in England. Just about a 90-minute train ride from London’s Victoria station, it’s also among the most popular. Plenty of company from fellow walkers, but worth it for the big expanse of sky, ocean, breeze and downs. In the middle of the walk, a World War II-era Spitfire performed aerobatics over the sea with paragliders cruising the sky just off the cliffs. Part of the South Downs Way. Just don’t go too near the edge. Click here for a short gallery. Click here for information on the walk.

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London: Look Both ways

You have to look both ways in London for two reasons: One, if you don’t look left and right when you cross a street, you are liable to be flattened by the inexorable hurtling bulk of a big red double-decker bus, a cab, a cruising motorscooter or even a bicyclist, all coming from exactly the direction you do not expect them to. And, two, you have to look both ways because around you you can see not just the imposing history of centuries-old England: the architectural and historical record, the royal hoopla, but 21st-century London, a thriving, incredibly diverse city full of people from the far reaches of the former empire. I visited back in November (thanks Hannah, Ben, Dirk, Steve). Fuji X100F, almost pocket-sized. Click here for a gallery.

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Ask Us About Our …

Something about the photo or the approach to this subject doesn’t seem quite right. Is it the smiles? Or does the fact that they are blissfully piloting a scooter in London traffic suggest impending doom? Maybe you have to be British to get it. Brixton, London, UK.

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Pheasant Shoot

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to photograph a pheasant shoot in the countryside about an hour west of London. Pheasant shooting in England is both sport and social activity. The pheasants, a species introduced to England long ago, are bred, raised and released in the millions annually and then nurtured with feed and forage. Expenses are shared among a group of hunters. This was a driven shoot—the birds are flushed toward the hunters by “beaters” walking the woods and fields—and shot in flight. The hunters use shotguns; dogs fetch the downed birds. I photographed this using a small Fuji x100F mirrorless camera with a fixed medium wide angle lens (35 mm equivalent; no zoom; no telephoto), which was a challenge. Click here for a gallery.

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