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Tacoma to Tacoma

Back in June, my brother, Joe, and I drove a 2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup from Pennsylvania to Oregon to deliver it to my son, in Portland. So, it wasn’t quite a Tacoma to Tacoma trip because we didn’t actually get to Tacoma, Washington, but we were within a few miles on our swing up through Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

It was truck camping about as basically as you can do it. We collected a tent that fit the Tacoma’s bed and tailgate, plus sleeping bags, a cooler and a few other things, and headed west. We had something of a deadline, so we took only a week to cross the country. On another trip it would have been fun to go for weeks. And perhaps it was the last time we’ll drive cross-country in a fossil-fuel-burning vehicle.

Because it was early in the season, the campgrounds weren’t jammed yet, but, for as early in the summer as it was, they were pretty full. We drove all day, with a few side trips, and started looking for campgrounds on the cell phone late in the afternoon: state parks, national parks, county parks, national forests—we went for whatever was nearest and always found good spots.

It wasn’t the best way to travel for photography, but we did get to some interesting places: the Wisconsin Dells, the Black Hills, the Badlands, Yellowstone and the coast of Oregon and Washington. We crossed and recrossed the Oregon Trail and the Bozeman Trail and the route of Lewis & Clark and met some interesting people.

On this page: top, the Cape Disappointment, Washington, lighthouse; the truck set up on the north branch of the Shoshone River in Wyoming; Lake Crescent, Washington; Pacific Ocean, Washington; Cape Disappointment, not far from where the Columbia River flows into the Pacific; above the Sandy River, Gresham, Oregon; just outside the eastern entrance of Yellowstone National Park; near Story, Wyoming; Badlands National Park, South Dakota; somewhere on I-90; Oregon greenery.
Click here for the armchair-travel version, from East to West.  

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10 Years Ago: Irene

Workmen gaze into the gap that was left after Camp Brook destroyed Camp Brook Road in Bethel, VT, August 30, 2011. Washouts isolated the town of Rochester for days.

No matter how closely you follow the news, powerful storms and huge fires around the country and around the world can still seem remote, something that can’t happen here in northern New England. But if you have experienced a disaster like the one that hit Vermont ten years ago, August 28, 2011, when Tropical Storm Irene dumped 11 inches of rain on the state, you have some idea what it can be like. Vermont may seem to be immune to this sort of thing, but Irene proved how quickly a catastrophe can happen here.
Click here and click here for more photos from August 2011.

Route 12A, Northfield, VT, August 30, 2011.

Green Mountain Club employees, usually caretakers of Vermont’s Long Trail, were taking care of the clean-up at the Whalley mobile home park in Waterbury September 1, 2011. From left: J.P. Krol, Josh Kinsel, Kathryn Wrigley, Zoe Linton.

Bridge over the Dog River out of commission, West Berlin, VT, August 30, 2011.

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Bird Banding at the North Branch Nature Center

Over the summer, staff at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, VT, have been meeting just after dawn every week or so to band birds. The idea, says NBNC executive director Chip Darmstadt, is to monitor the local bird population in terms of survival and reproduction rates. That information is then combined with statistics from banding spots around the country to provide an overall picture of the local avian population. Nets set up around the nature center capture birds in flight without harming them. Then birds are removed from the nets and a small, numbered metal band is placed on one leg (if the bird has not been previously banded). The birds are weighed and measured and all the statistics taken down for future use. Then the birds are quickly released. These photos show Chip and Charlie Darmstadt in action, banding on a recent morning. “Basically, you get a readout on the vital statistics of the local population,” Darmstadt said. Songbird banding is done for this season, but there will be some banding of saw-whet owls in the fall.

Click here for a full gallery from a recent morning.


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Across the Winooski: the Cross Vermont Trail Bridge

Workers from CCS Constructors in Morrisville, VT, bridged the Winooski River Friday with the latest link in the Cross Vermont Trail. The steel bridge was fabricated in Minnesota, trucked in sections to the banks of the Winooski above the Levesque hydro dam in East Montpelier, assembled and then brought across the river, like a giant erector set in action.

A crane on the hydro site side of the river moved the bridge onto a barge floating in the Winooski. That was floated across the river, where another crane latched onto the bridge and moved it the final yards onto its abutments. The bridge and the associated trail, which will connect to the trail in Montpelier, will not be completely finished or open until the fall.

On the Route 2 side of the river, Cross Vermont Trail founder Rose Paul and the trail’s executive director Greg Western celebrated.

Click here for a nuts-and-bolts look at the whole process.

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The Return of Amtrak

Amtrak is back. At least in Vermont. The first post-COVID (?) passenger train rolled through Montpelier Junction Monday morning, heading for Washington, DC, and was greeted by hundreds of rail enthusiasts. Passengers with reservations and $1 tickets for short hops in the state boarded and disembarked from earlier stops. And there was music, free creemees, and a dose of railroad history.

Top: Tim Donovan and his granddaughter, Neala, were in the front row, ready to ride. Below, everybody loved the train, but it looked like it needed some help from the infrastructure bill; Montpelier Mayor Anne Watson; Paul Palmer from O & J’s Sweet Treats in Jericho takes an order; and passengers waiting to embark.

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Middle Saranac Lake, ADK

The Adirondacks are close to home, but we don’t get there as often as we should. Thanks to Dave Jones’s persistence and planning, I did get to spend a couple nights on Middle Saranac Lake, including a climb up Ampersand Mountain, a couple weeks ago. Big skies there, even if it’s nowhere near Montana. That’s Dave, kicking back in the last photo. Click here for a gallery, including some air force maneuvers.

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At the Brewery

The scene at the Deschutes Brew Pub brewery in Portland, OR: The brewer, left, is my son, Jim. That’s my brother, Joe, at right. Joe and I drove a pickup truck out to Portland for Jim in early June. I’ll be posting photos from the trip eventually.

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Purple at Night

I was relaxing next to a little lake near Cooperstown, NY, at dusk when these colors happened and this guy paddled by. It’s a lake that is relatively high in elevation and you feel as though the sky and water are very close to each other.

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Bristol, RI

I happened to be in Bristol, RI, very briefly a couple weeks ago. Southeast of Providence, southwest of Fall River, Mass., it was a beautiful spot to see spring arrive on the shores of Narragansett Bay. The surrounding area and the peninsula that contain Bristol were a center of Native American settlement in pre-colonial days because it was the best agricultural land and the riches of the bay were there for the taking. All photographed with Fuji mirrorless, which I’m leaning on for travel because the cameras and lenses weigh about half as much as DSLR cameras and lenses.

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Middle School Track Meet

Last week, about 200 kids from 10 middle schools showed up for one of the first track and field meets to be held in Montpelier for a long time. From the looks of it, good times were had by all. For a giant gallery of running and jumping kids, click here.

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