Susquehanna Summer: Up


A more complete gallery of black and white images from my trip down the Susquehanna River is finally up on the site: Link to it here.

All of these are from my roughly 440-mile trek down the Susquehanna on foot and by canoe from its origin in Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, NY, a couple of blocks from the Baseball Hall of Fame, to its end in the Chesapeake Bay at Havre de Grace, MD. I grew up next to the river, in central Pennsylvania, and I knew what was out there — in it, on it, and along its banks. I originally printed all these  in a traditional darkroom, but this time I had the 35-mm Kodak Tri-X negatives scanned by Neil Dixon at Yankee Imaging in Waterbury, VT. I did the digital darkroom work in PhotoShop. There are about 60 photos in the gallery, so it will take about five minutes to see them all, but I hope you will find it worth the time. You can click through them or they will run as a five-minute slide show on their own. The next step will be to finally get them collected in a book.

This page, from top: Amish boaters, McKee’s Half Falls, PA; wader, Columbia, PA; jockey, Tioga Park race track, NY; man sitting in the shade on a sweltering day near Port Deposit, MD. Don’t forget to link to the gallery here, and please feel free to Facebook the link or pass it around otherwise to anybody.ColumWader16TiogaPk16A2WPortDeposit2

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  1. Bill Holland November 3, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Superb work, John. Your portraits never cease to amaze me, especially how you get your subjects to look so authentically themselves.

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