The Most Depressing Landscape in Europe? (C2C #2)


More from England’s Coast to Coast path.

And two other things:

• One of the most common questions we got was: Why did you come all the way over here to hike if you have the Appalachian Trail at your doorstep? We tried to explain about the Green Tunnel effect of hiking in the eastern US compared to the long views of the Lake District, which is virtually treeless in the mountains: the trees have long since been cut down and along miles and miles of stone walls sheep have been grazing to the summits for centuries, keeping regrowth in check. It turns out that those long views can be controversial. George Monbiot, an advocate of “rewilding,” calls the Lake District “one of the most depressing landscapes in Europe.” He suggests prohibiting sheep grazing on at least part of it and allowing and fostering regeneration of trees and other native plants. His view — The Lake District is a wildlife desert. Blame Wordsworth. — is here.  Some of the opposition is here.

• More pictures below. And there’s a gallery here.


Fell runner, mountain runner; Angle Tarn near Patterdale, Cumbria, England

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