Lake Crescent, WA

Lake Crescent curves along the edge of Olympic National Park, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, a few miles inland of the Straits of San Juan de Fuca. It basically runs east-west and I happened to be there as the sun was starting to set last week. Spectacular landscapes in every direction in Washington. This was part of a trip west for a multi-cultural wedding near Seattle. More photos to come on that, the Olympics, Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

Camera note: First trip with the Fuji X100F, a small but not quite pocketable mirrorless camera with a fixed 35 mm-equivalent lens. You lose the zoom capability of another lens setup, but you gain a lot in portability. I used it throughout the trip. These were shot in RAW in color and processed into the Fuji ACROS black and white film simulation.

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