Pictures of the Year, Montpelier, VT

Because I was taking photos last year for the local newspaper, the Montpelier Bridge, I was able to chronicle some of the good, the bad and the crazy that 2021 brought us. Here are a handful of my favorite local photos. Click here for a bigger pictures-of-the-year gallery.

2021 started with the January 6th attack on the Capitol, and the craziness reached all the way to Montpelier (above), where state police patrolled the State House grounds January 17th in case of violent protests from Trump loyalists. No demonstrations materialized, although counter-demonstrators met a few blocks away at City Hall. 

On September 11, Friends of the Winooski volunteers scoured the North Branch of the Winooski River for trash and found quite a bit.

State employees and teachers rallied at the State House to protest proposed changes in their pension plans, March 30.

The Red Trouser Show, David Graham and Tobin Renwick, turned State Street into a stage during the Taste of Montpelier, September 11.

Crowds await the arrival of the Amtrak train in Montpelier on Monday morning, July 19. It was the first since COVID restrictions were imposed. Tim Donovan, in blue shirt at front of crowd, was taking his granddaughter Neala on the Amtrak excursion. You could ride anywhere on the line in Vermont for $1. § Click here for a bigger pictures-of-the-year gallery.




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