Tadoussac, Quebec, & the Whale Highway

Back from Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord and a whale-watching quest. The estuary where the Saguenay and the St. Lawrence rivers meet is one of the best places on earth to see a variety of whales. (From the blog page, click on the photo or headline for the full post and more photos.) The Saguenay, bringing its tea-colored waters from the boreal forest, flows into the mighty St. Lawrence, which at that point is as salty as the sea. The combination creates a feeding ground for whales: belugas, which live here year round; minkes, humpbacks, fin whales, harbor porpoises. And right whales and blue whales, although we didn’t see any of those. Tadoussac, the tiny town at the mouth of the fjord, welcomes whale tourists from all over and sends them out onto the water in whale-watch cruisers, Zodiacs and kayaks. But you can also just sit on the rocky shore and watch whales go by. Or you can lie in a tent and hear the whoosh of them offshore, spouting in the night. In addition to a look at whales, we also got COVID, so it has been a quiet week since. Worth the trip though.
Click here for info on the area and the whales.

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