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Prince Edward Island: Sea, Sky and Field

Prince Edward Island, a chunk of red rock and sand cradled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, but, besides the sea, it also lives on tourism and agriculture. We were up there again in the late fall, nominally to help Dirk close up his cabin for the winter, but he did all the work. Top, fall weather on the north shore. Below, a fisherman heads out on the Midgell River on the north side of the island in search of seed mussels to sell to the commercial operations that have made PEI mussels a presence on menus all over North America; big wind turbines loom above a field of wild blueberries, turned crimson in the fall.  Click here for a gallery.

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Algonquin Park, Ontario.

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Another Kind of Water

I wasn’t in Vermont when Hurricane Irene hit. While Vermonters were fleeing water, some friends and I were seeking it in Algonquin Park in Ontario. We left several days before Irene arrived in town and got back after she had rained her way out over the Maritimes. A mini-storm, unrelated to Irene, got my camera so wet that I had to take the lens off and stick the camera on a rock in the sun, turning it like a pig on a spit until the moisture was baked out of it.

I was going to wait to post these since they seemed inappropriate to the mess that Irene made of Vermont, but maybe it doesn’t hurt to remember, in the midst of the mud, another kind of water. Click here for more Algonquin pictures.

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North shore, Prince Edward Island.



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Sky to Sea

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