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10 Years Ago: Irene

Workmen gaze into the gap that was left after Camp Brook destroyed Camp Brook Road in Bethel, VT, August 30, 2011. Washouts isolated the town of Rochester for days.

No matter how closely you follow the news, powerful storms and huge fires around the country and around the world can still seem remote, something that can’t happen here in northern New England. But if you have experienced a disaster like the one that hit Vermont ten years ago, August 28, 2011, when Tropical Storm Irene dumped 11 inches of rain on the state, you have some idea what it can be like. Vermont may seem to be immune to this sort of thing, but Irene proved how quickly a catastrophe can happen here.
Click here and click here for more photos from August 2011.

Route 12A, Northfield, VT, August 30, 2011.

Green Mountain Club employees, usually caretakers of Vermont’s Long Trail, were taking care of the clean-up at the Whalley mobile home park in Waterbury September 1, 2011. From left: J.P. Krol, Josh Kinsel, Kathryn Wrigley, Zoe Linton.

Bridge over the Dog River out of commission, West Berlin, VT, August 30, 2011.

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Across the Winooski: the Cross Vermont Trail Bridge

Workers from CCS Constructors in Morrisville, VT, bridged the Winooski River Friday with the latest link in the Cross Vermont Trail. The steel bridge was fabricated in Minnesota, trucked in sections to the banks of the Winooski above the Levesque hydro dam in East Montpelier, assembled and then brought across the river, like a giant erector set in action.

A crane on the hydro site side of the river moved the bridge onto a barge floating in the Winooski. That was floated across the river, where another crane latched onto the bridge and moved it the final yards onto its abutments. The bridge and the associated trail, which will connect to the trail in Montpelier, will not be completely finished or open until the fall.

On the Route 2 side of the river, Cross Vermont Trail founder Rose Paul and the trail’s executive director Greg Western celebrated.

Click here for a nuts-and-bolts look at the whole process.

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They Fixed the Road …

And it looks like Mud Season’s over. The big waves and troughs are scraped and buried for another year. And it’s a bit early because of a surprisingly warm April, so far. 

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… And Signs of Spring

Part of the scene at the Burlington, VT, waterfront, on Lake Champlain, over the past weekend. Lots of people out after a long winter.

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Vermont Teachers Protest Pension Reductions

Vermont public school teachers gathered at the State House in Montpelier last week to protest proposed changes in pensions for teachers and other state employees. The state legislature, which had not funded the pension plans adequately in past years, creating an ever-increasing deficit in the retirement system, considered a proposal to reduce pensions and require larger pay-in amounts, among other changes. The changes would not have affected those already retired or who would retire within five years. However, the reaction from teachers was swift and emphatic. By the end of the week the speaker of the state House of Representatives withdrew the proposal and planned to appoint a commission to study the situation over the summer.

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We Got Mud Season

It wasn’t really a hard winter, but after early January, it consistently was moderately cold. So, apparently, the frost settled deeply into the dirt roads. The beauty of this mud bog is that it is just at the end of our driveway, so you don’t have to go far to watch the fun. And you can hear the sounds of scraping metal without even going outside. Plus, with just a short drive you can experience it yourself.

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Winter Retrospective

It’s not really time for a winter retrospective (even though all the snow in the backyard is gone) because we know it’s going to snow in April. But here goes. Except for coaching, I photographed only three races in the winter of 2021, all local and all low-key, from the lollipop race of the Northwest Vermont Bill Koch League Festival at Sleepy Hollow to Vermont’s eastern high school championships at Craftsbury Outdoor Center. They may have been small, but they did not lack for great picture-taking opportunities. Congratulations to the kids, who ski so well and have so much fun, and to all the organizers, the parents and the coaches who put these events together in a pandemic. These are some of my favorites. Click here for full, giant galleries on the new SmugMug pages I have just added.

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Winter Arrives

After a slow start, it suddenly snowed and winter was here, full-time, for now. Top and below, the Montpelier, VT, middle school cross-country team heads across a field on an adventure ski. Everything else is within about two miles of home during the first big snowfall of 2021.

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All Quiet on the State House Front

Despite concerns about demonstrations in the wake of last week’s attack on the US Capitol, Vermont’s State House was practically deserted Sunday except for media and law enforcement. Police, reporters and a few curious citizens chatted, and it just another quiet, gray and snowy Vermont day, but one with security unheard of on a winter Sunday afternoon. The only demonstrators were down at Montpelier’s city hall several blocks away protesting against fascism.

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Winter Happening

As crazy as the rest of 2020, winter at the end of the year was happening slowly, in cold starts followed by fits of warm weather. Above, the colors of winter rolled in over Camel’s Hump, north-central Vermont’s local mountain. Below, the wintry look of Dec. 23 followed by the unwintry look of Dec. 26, after a day of fifty-degree weather and rain. Snow due tonight and tomorrow will change things.

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