Irene Aftermath


The flooding from Hurricane Irene isolated towns across Vermont from the rest of the state. One of them was Rochester on the White River in Windsor County in central Vermont. Combined town, state and utility work crews worked Tuesday to reach Rochester and other towns. Above, crew members gaze into the huge gap cut by floodwaters in Camp Brook Road, which goes over Rochester Gap, connecting, in good weather, Bethel and Rochester. Below, three Rochester residents who had been out of town over the weekend began the 14-mile hike over the gap with detours into the woods to try to reach their homes. Next, Route 107 below Tozier’s foodstand in Bethel had been ripped apart. In the distance, the White River looks like a wilderness stream and Route 107 is gone without a trace. Bottom, Ian Gile removes flood debris and ruined belongings from the family house next to the Dog River in West Berlin, VT. I was out of town when Irene hit Vermont, but today I’ve been catching up. More flood images are here. (Caption information will show when you mouse-over the thumbnails in the gallery.)


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