First Snow

20161026_7214_2WI know it was 70 last week, but the first snow has arrived on Vermont’s Mount Mansfield, and skiers and boarders have been walking up to ride down. Right on schedule. These are from yesterday. Rocky and grassy in places, but skiable.

20161026_7276_2W20161026_7247_2W20161026_7421_1W 20161026_7394_1W 20161026_7369_1W 20161026_7327_1W 20161026_7318_1W 20161026_7306_1W 20161026_7303_1W 20161026_7294_1W  20161026_7263_2W

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  1. Jon November 2, 2016 at 8:42 am #

    Really amazing photographs. Thanks John. Although not a cold weather buff, I almost forgot.

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