The Joy of Pavement (Without Cars)

Unless you’ve been reading the local papers, you don’t know about the long and painful process over the past summer of paving the County Road, the main drag from Montpelier, VT, to the bucolic hills of Calais and East Montpelier. (Click headline or photo for full post.) It involved a temporarily torn-up road (all summer), rough pavement, flat tires, dust, and various delays, but, finally, flawless black pavement was achieved, and this past Sunday there was a bit of a celebration. They blocked off part of the road off to all traffic (except for people who live on County Road) and the community was out in force on foot, and on human-powered vehicles that ranged from strollers to bicycles, skateboards, and roller skis. It turned out so well, even on a gray November day, that they just might do it again sometime. Above, Frieda Stone, in her mermaid dress, runs to her grandmother, Mary Stone, while her family enjoys the newly paved road.

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  1. Ruth November 14, 2022 at 8:34 pm #

    Oh frabjous day! This is so very Vermont. There really should be one day a month for celebrations like this. It could be called “zero-emissions day” – or “carbon reduction day”. Thanks for sharing the joy with the world outside of VT 🙂

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