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DSC_8554copyWFinally, some snow! Sibley Farm, East Montpelier, VT.

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Snow, Wind, Etc.

Just another February day in East Montpelier, although it changed from a sunny, windy one whipping the snow off the barn below to the quiet, overcast scene above in about 30 minutes. Next up: Using a Sony RX100 in a snowstorm.


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Plainfield Flower Farm

It was 20 below zero here this morning so, to warm you up, here’s a look at the Plainfield, VT, Flower Farm last spring. Bram Towbin and Erica Da Costa have an acre of peonies and about 50 acres of lilacs and snowball viburnum, grown for the cut-flower market. From their hillside in Plainfield their budding flowers travel to urban flower markets around the Northeast. They are picked before they bloom so that they open after they reach their destinations. It’s hard work, art and science to grow them and pick them at just the right time. I worked on a photo story about the farm from the time the lilacs leafed out and the peonies poked through the ground until harvest. Thanks again to Bram and everyone for helping me. More pictures below, and a gallery is here.  

Link to gallery.

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More from the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, in all its glory: Above, a mountain bike stunt rider at the bike expo, Sioux Center. Below, they got the color scheme just right at Mid-State Milling in Clemons; sustenance on Day One near Sioux Center — all egg sales to benefit the Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra; and knocked out in Webster City, despite (or because of?)  the eggs, the bacon, the pork chops, the multiplicity of pies, the walking tacos and the watermelon. Bottom, buena vista in Buena Vista. If you want to see the world’s largest popcorn ball, the Obama-Romney dunk tank, and polkaing bike shorts in the Czech Village, click here for even more from RAGBRAI! And a RAGBRAI video is here.


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Cyrus, Elahna & Irene

When Elahna Sobel-Faryniarz saw the damage Tropical Storm Irene did to farmers’ fields in Vermont last August, she decided to help. She set up a lemonade stand along Route 14 near her East Calais home and started selling, eventually taking in $40.50, which she sent to the Vermont Farm Disaster Relief Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation in Middlebury. Her gift was part of the total of $2.4 million so far donated to the fund. This spring Elahna visited the Scribner family’s Settlement Farm in Middlesex, where Cyrus Scribner, above with Elahna in one of the farm’s greenhouses, gave her a tour.  Settlement Farm received a $5,000 grant from the Vermont Farm Disaster Relief Fund to help deal with the destruction the Winooski River did to the farm’s fields, one of about 200 farms to receive grants from the fund so far. More is here. 

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Making Fresh Tracks

Christina Castegren and Kris Tootle have done what Vermont farmers of 50 years ago would have considered unthinkable: On the remains of an old hill farm in the central Vermont town of Berlin they have created a vineyard, complete with acres of cold-tolerant grape vines and a solar-powered and geothermally heated winery and tasting room. It’s called Fresh Tracks Farm. I photographed them and Fresh Tracks for Dirk Van Susteren’s article in the Boston Globe. Below, some of their wines during a Friday-night wine tasting this spring.


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Hay Barn


From the archives: Hay barn, Adamant, VT, 1982.


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