Plainfield Flower Farm

It was 20 below zero here this morning so, to warm you up, here’s a look at the Plainfield, VT, Flower Farm last spring. Bram Towbin and Erica Da Costa have an acre of peonies and about 50 acres of lilacs and snowball viburnum, grown for the cut-flower market. From their hillside in Plainfield their budding flowers travel to urban flower markets around the Northeast. They are picked before they bloom so that they open after they reach their destinations. It’s hard work, art and science to grow them and pick them at just the right time. I worked on a photo story about the farm from the time the lilacs leafed out and the peonies poked through the ground until harvest. Thanks again to Bram and everyone for helping me. More pictures below, and a gallery is here.  

Link to gallery.

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