Airline Travel

Eats on The Airline, the section of Maine Route 9 between Bangor and Calais, a traditional route from northern New England to Canada’s maritime provinces. Accounts differ on why it’s called The Airline, but apparently it’s because Route 9 is a shortcut across northeastern Maine. And there is something about it, cruising along rolling, glaciated hills in the north woods past blueberry fields and old cemeteries, that makes you feel as though you are up high and remote. Definitely remote. Take a look at a map. Still enough business for Mace’s American Snackbar and Grill in Aurora though.

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Champlain Summer

Summer has arrived on Lake Champlain (Shelburne, VT).

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Meanwhile, in Lapland

Well, actually it was back in early March, after the Lahti World Nordic Ski Championships. We ski toured in Lapland, northern Finland, in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Basically inn-to-inn skiing, complete with northern lights and daily saunas. The park is laced with hundreds of kilometers of trails groomed for classic and skate skiing, weaving through the low, rounded Lapland mountains called tunturi. We went on a week-long guided trip with a company called Feel the Nature/Fell Trek, made some new friends, saw some beautiful country, and ate munkki, the best donuts in the world. Because the Euro was so low and we were already in Finland, it wasn’t such a big expedition, although we were far enough north to be inside the Arctic Circle. We only saw the aurora borealis once, but it was an unforgettable night, temperature about 0 F and color dancing across the sky. Click here for a gallery/slideshow. You can use the right-click arrow to speed things up or move around in the gallery.

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Green Man Walking

Here’s to spring: about time!


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Sanders Headlines Vermont’s March Against Climate Change

The topic was climate change, but the big event was the arrival of Bernie Sanders as the last speaker of the day at the March Against Climate Change at the statehouse in Montpelier yesterday. Spring and Bernie seemed to arrive at about the same time. Spring, or possibly Mother Earth, at left, below, as Sanders made his way through the crowd after speaking.



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Chagall in Montreal


Chagall: Color and Music — the Russian-French artist’s swirling paintings, costumes, puppets, stained glass and ceramics, complete with a dash of klezmer music — at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art until June 11. Above, a giant tapestry with scenes and symbols from France, the circus and Chagall’s upbringing in the Jewish residence zone of czarist Russia. Below, the painting King David (Le Roi David) gets the once-over and klezmer music in the gallery. Click here for information on the exhibit.

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Last Gig at Charlie O’s


Last Saturday, The Suspects (Phil Hyjek, Chris Stone, Sam Burke, Lee Gardner, Al Roy) played their last gig together at Charlie O’s, perhaps Montpelier, VT’s, most famous institution except for, and with due respect to, the State House. Portrait at bottom is Chris Stone, the band’s harmonica player.

Fuji XE1 at ISO 3200 to 26500.

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Two Banjo Dans with a Will

The Vermont Bluegrass Pioneers: Banjo Dan Lindner, left (on guitar), Will Lindner on mandolin, Danny Coane (of the Starline Rhythm Boys) on banjo.

At the Whammy Bar, Maple Corner, Calais, VT. Last night. Easter Eve. Happy Mud Season.

(For those interested in the machinery: Fuji XE1, top at 6400 ISO, bottom at 3200 ISO.)

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John Jorgenson Quintet & U32

A violinist last night as the John Jorgenson Quintet performed with the U32 High School string ensemble at the Barre, VT, Opera House. You think you don’t know Jorgenson, the virtuoso guitarist who leads the group, but you have probably heard him playing with musicians as diverse as Pavarotti, Earl Scruggs and Bonnie Raitt, among many others. The program was part of the Community Engagement Lab’s Creative Schools Initiative. Below, Jorgenson, more of the ensemble and Jorgenson’s accordinonist/keyboardist Rory Hoffman. Thanks to the guy who ran those stage lights.

Click here for the Community engagement Lab and information about the quintet’s upcoming concerts with students in Stowe, Randolph and Brattleboro.

Click here for Jorgenson and the quintet in action. 

Quite a leap from Finland, I know, but I have more from Lahti and Lapland I will catch up with next.

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Lahti #12

A few more Lahti favorites, all from the men’s 50-k, the last event in the competition. Below, Canada’s Alex Harvey, en route to winning the race, and after.

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