Blue Ottawa

DSC_8985copyAWFebruary morning, Ottawa, Ontario.

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Austria & the World Masters

DSC_8171cutAWIn late January I was in the Austrian Alps for the World Masters Cross-Country Ski Championships in the Pillerseetal region, near Kitzbuhel. The landscape is spectacular and so were a lot of the masters skiers. A masters skier is anyone over 30, and the five-year age brackets continued right up to and including the 85-90 age group. In total more than 1,000 skiers from 30 countries. Largest contingent, the Russians: more than 200 skiers. The largest age group is generally those between 60 and 64, who have the time to attend and the energy to keep racing into their 60s. Scroll down, and click here for more, including Mozart duckies, racing and Salzburg.DSC_8117copyWDSC_8147copyWDSC_7251copy1W   DSC_8675copyWDon’t forget to click here for more!

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DSC_8554copyWFinally, some snow! Sibley Farm, East Montpelier, VT.

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Portraits at Work

Miranda Roth, Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski, VT.Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski

Over the past year or so I had the opportunity to produce portraits for several Vermont organizations. The coverage ranged from photographing Vermonters affected by Tropical Storm Irene for the Vermont Community Foundation to annual report photos for the Vermont Student Assistance Corp., the organization that helps Vermont students pull together the finances for higher education, and Vermont Information Technology Leaders, an organization working to bring electronic medical records systems to health care providers.  I really enjoyed meeting all the people I photographed and although I hate to overwhelm the blog with multiple images in one post, here is a selection of some of the photos. If you like these, pass it on through the media bar below or any other way. And if you know anyone who needs portrait work, don’t hesitate to recommend me. Thanks!

Michael Herring, Herrings Family Farm, berlin, VT

Vermont Community Foundation, Berlin

Karen Bufka, St. Johnsbury, VT

Vermont Community Foundation, St. Johnsbury

122612_2212AcopyWVermont Information Technology Leaders, Brattleboro

08091212_4409 copyAW

Vermont Community Foundation, Cuttingsville

082712_4956 copyA2W

Vermont Community Foundation, Barre
Vermont Community Foundation, Waterbury
 100512_7957 copyAW
Vermont Community Foundation, North Hero

 Dianne Griggs, Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski, VT.Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski

Lee Curtiss, Vermont Student Assistance Corp.Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski

Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Winooski
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Sky Sail

DSC_5955copyWOver Long Beach, NY, a beach town on a barrier island just off the south shore of Long Island, not too far from JFK airport.

Part one of the year-end image clearance. Like it on the social media bar below, if you like. And you can do the same for any of the earlier posts. Thanks!

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Penn Station, iPhone

236copyWNYC’s Penn Station, iPhone 4s.

It’s no secret that newer iPhones take decent pictures. The best part is that a smart phone is a camera you have with you most of the time. It’s a trick to keep the lens clean and clear though. A case helps avoid scratches and a piece of plastic electrical tape can keep the pocket lint off the lens, as long as you keep the sticky part of the tape off the lens and as long as you don’t lose the tape in your pocket, which you will.237copyW

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Susquehanna Summer: Up


A more complete gallery of black and white images from my trip down the Susquehanna River is finally up on the site: Link to it here.

All of these are from my roughly 440-mile trek down the Susquehanna on foot and by canoe from its origin in Lake Otsego in Cooperstown, NY, a couple of blocks from the Baseball Hall of Fame, to its end in the Chesapeake Bay at Havre de Grace, MD. I grew up next to the river, in central Pennsylvania, and I knew what was out there — in it, on it, and along its banks. I originally printed all these  in a traditional darkroom, but this time I had the 35-mm Kodak Tri-X negatives scanned by Neil Dixon at Yankee Imaging in Waterbury, VT. I did the digital darkroom work in PhotoShop. There are about 60 photos in the gallery, so it will take about five minutes to see them all, but I hope you will find it worth the time. You can click through them or they will run as a five-minute slide show on their own. The next step will be to finally get them collected in a book.

This page, from top: Amish boaters, McKee’s Half Falls, PA; wader, Columbia, PA; jockey, Tioga Park race track, NY; man sitting in the shade on a sweltering day near Port Deposit, MD. Don’t forget to link to the gallery here, and please feel free to Facebook the link or pass it around otherwise to anybody.ColumWader16TiogaPk16A2WPortDeposit2

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Two Things About Montreal

DSC_5736copyweb(Aside from the fact that with more 1.5 million people it is considered the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris):

1. There are about 300 miles of bicycle trails in Montreal, meaning you can go almost anywhere on a bike. Above, riding along the La Chine Canal. Bottom, crossing the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

2. There are surfers in Montreal, surfing the standing waves of the mighty St. Lawrence River.DSC_5648copy1web



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NJ Pass Under

DSC_4635WEBWhat you can see out the window of an Amtrak train between Manhattan and Newark, NJ.


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Champlain Light

DSC_5088WEB_1Yesterday afternoon a rainstorm blew across Lake Champlain from the Adirondacks and proceeded east over the Green Mountains. What followed was a stunning, constantly changing mix of cloud, color and light. These were all taken at Sandbar State Park in Milton, where Route 2 crosses over to South Hero.DSC_5035copyWEBDSC_5069copyWEBDSC_5109copyWEB


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