Building Hudson Yards

On the job at Hudson Yards, the mammoth West Side development in New York City. You can walk right up to the construction site on the Highline, a few blocks east of the Hudson River. As the developer’s web site says: “Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center. The site will include more than 18 million square feet of commercial and residential space, state-of-the-art office towers, more than 100 shops including New York’s first Neiman Marcus …”  etc. There goes the neighborhood. Click here for the developer’s viewpoint. Or here for more.

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Lisa & Simon


A joyous Danish/Jewish/Vermont wedding held last summer in a hayfield in Marshfield. What’s with the cutting of the socks in the bottom picture? Ask a Dane!

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Hockey in the Field

Never been to a field hockey game until last week, when I watched the University of New Hampshire versus the University of Vermont in Burlington. Intense game. Hard played. Soccer with sticks and a small ball. UVM won 1-0 in double overtime (shot above after the winning goal). Nikon D600, 70-300 zoom.

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Session Americana/ZenBarn

The Boston band Session Americana at the ZenBarn in Waterbury last week. Jim Fitting on harmonica, Billy Beard on drums, Dinty Child on beer, etc. What I’d like to know is where did the Deschutes Brewery hat come from?

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Catching Up on Oregon

It’s dramatic wherever you go in Oregon. Above, grass seed growers near Salem burn off the fields after harvesting seed and straw. Below, Silver Falls State Park and Tumalo Falls in the Deschutes National Forest near Bend. Click here for a gallery.

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Painted Hills #2

Even without the spectacle of a total solar eclipse, the Painted Hills of Oregon’s John Day Fossil Beds National Monument are a striking piece of high desert. Scroll down for photos of the total solar eclipse. Click here for a total Painted Hills/eclipse gallery.

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Painted Hills: Eclipse 2017

Finally getting back to the eclipse, August 21: On the Path of Totality, total solar eclipse, Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon. The top two photos are when the eclipse was total, but there was a lot more to see: the sudden gathering over a few days (and especially the night before) of an instant village of a few thousand people camped out on the arid, sage-brush land around the Painted Hills; the drop in temperatures as the moon began to cross in front of the sun; the sudden cool twilight at totality; cheers, applause, whistles, and then the return of light and warmth. Click here for a Painted Hills and eclipse gallery.

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Bad Day at Crater Lake

Ash from forest fires was falling on Bend, OR, a few weeks ago and smoke from more fires shrouded Crater Lake National Park, an hour and half’s drive south. The usual view of Crater Lake is of its clear, blue water, sparkling in the giant hole left when a volcano collapsed on itself about 6000 BC. We went to the park anyway, which proved again that what seems like a bad day for photography can turn out to be good, precisely because it’s different from the usual day and the usual pictures. If you don’t mind breathing smoke.

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New York City’s busy Hudson River Park promenade on a late August day. Across the river, New Jersey: Hoboken, and the growing high-rises of Jersey City.

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US National Biathlon Roller Ski Championships

That’s a mouthful, but biathlon is cross country ski racing and stopping periodically to shoot at targets with a very sophisticated rifle. If you do it in the summer, it’s roller ski biathlon. Skiers from across the US and Canada came to the National Guard firing range and roller ski track in Underhill, VT, over the weekend to compete. Click here for a gallery. Use the right click arrow to speed up the slideshow. Click here for an article about the event.

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